The Salmon Dave Band


Introducing The Salmon Dave Band

Yes, that's right kids, the Salmon Dave Band is back again to rock you guppies til you wet your bowl. Steve Rorebeck joins legendary Iowa rockers Don Myers, Jim Dunn, and Ohio's own Kim Dorr.

Stay tuned while we are busy getting this super site set up for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out our merchandise page for the latest fashions in thongs, lunchboxes, and trucker hats to name a few!

Join our mailing list for up to the minute news on future shows. There is an excellent links page to show off some famous names. Feel free to comment on the design of this site or its contents by filling out the feedback forum. The guys sure love hearing from the fans.

If you want to contact the band members themselves just hit this link and it is done!

The Biography page has just been updated. Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Check it out and we hope to see you live and in person very soon. 


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