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The Salmon Dave Band originated in 1987 and played their wide variety of music around Central Iowa for several years. Two of the original members of the band have reformed The Salmon Dave Band with two new members. Now performing what has been dubbed, "Good 'ol fun, can't stand still, party rock & roll ," with a lot of other styles of music thrown in thru out the show.

The Salmon Dave Band perform a wide variety of popular music covering Little Feat, The Hollies, Elton John, The Beat farmers, Matchbox 20, Santana and everything in between. Their musical collection explores the 60's to the 90's with ease.

Original drummer Steve Rorebeck has enjoyed much local fame for the last 15 years pounding the skins with "Central Iowa's Favorite Party Band ", The Flying Marsupials.

Original member Don Myers, one of the most versatile guitar players in Iowa, also brings his outstanding vocals to the group. Don has performed with such bands as Mister X and Uncle Walt and The Cactus Killers to name a few.

Bass player Jim Dunn adds his awesome musicianship and great vocals to the band. Jim has enjoyed much success in his career backing up such famous musicians as Neil Diamond and Dan Hill to name a few.

Rhythm guitar could only be handled by Cleveland's own Kim Dorr. Kim brings his superb vocals as well as rock solid rhythms to this super group. Kim was one of Ohio's most sought after musicians and has played with some of their most popular bands.

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